(based on a true story)

A new musical in the classic musical comedy tradition

Book, Music & Lyrics by Scott Eyerly
from an idea by Jay K. Hoffman

An out-of-work opera singer. A clueless C.E.O. And a dog.
Only in New York could they cross paths, in search of love, success – and Puccini.

New York City, present day

Cast of Characters
Clark, assistant to the C.E.O. at Encore Records Tenor
Samantha (“Sam”), new Sales Director at Encore Records Soprano
Dino, an opera singer, friend of Clark Baritone
Jensen, new C.E.O. at Encore Records Bass-baritone
Mimì, Clark’s dog Barking part
Small ensemble (variously as passersby, firemen, singing waiters, et alia)

Thumbnail Sketch:

When Jensen takes over at Encore Records – once a proud classical music label, now part of a conglomerate that makes dog food – he’s horrified to discover that almost every release loses money. Just one artist shows a profit: Puccini.
So Jensen – a number-crunching genius far out of touch with the artistic world – makes an executive decision: he must meet Puccini. Mistaking his assistant Clark’s reference to a “pooch” as evidence that he knows Puccini, Jensen orders Clark and Sam, his new Sales Director, to set up dinner.

Sam can’t say no to her first test climbing the corporate ladder. Meanwhile, Clark’s fallen hard for Sam. What to do?
Clark consults Dino, his friend and sometime dog-walker. After all, Dino is clever. He knows about women – and opera.
He even looks a bit like Puccini, being Italian-American, rakish, a constant smoker… In fact, if Dino put on a moustache…
Couldn’t he, maybe…?

The die is cast. Dino objects wildly but, once Clark and Sam promise a big fee if successful, he agrees to give the performance of his life. Dino will portray Puccini.

The climactic scene at a Village opera café mixes singing waiters with snooping media – plus an eager Jensen.
When “Puccini” enters suavely smoking a cigarillo, the madness really starts!